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Free Hero Rotation (Nov. 24): Rona, Adagio, Koshka & More!

Free Hero Rotation (Nov. 24): Rona, Adagio, Koshka & More!

  • Vainglory
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  • Nov 24, 2015


In this week’s free hero rotation, play heroes who rose to prominence in 1.10 tournament play and are now thriving in 1.11. In the huge VGL Qualifiers, Rona leapt into favor with many players after her true weapon carry strength was showcased by LiberationX. When paired with a crystal carry Adagio, Rona becomes a freight train looking for squishy heroes to flatten. Rona has been conceptualized recently as not just a jungle carry, but as a strategy, building entire compositions around keeping the Rona train moving. Plus, Koshka is back, Ringo is ruling early-game comps and weapon Joule is still tearing through targets late. Try them all yourself now!


Rona is a deadly berserker who is always ready to leap into battle. She holds her own in melee combat, unleashing enormous damage on everyone who stands and fights. Rona is most often played in the jungle, pairs well with protectors and works well with both weapon and crystal builds.


The master manipulator of large-scale battles, Adagio brings incredible teamfight presence with huge area-of-effect damage and team-saving abilities. He almost seems too good: He can heal. He can amplify damage. He can stun and nuke the entire enemy team … but none of these can be achieved easily without team-wide coordination. Adagio is extremely flexible and can start as laner, jungler or roamer.


Koshka is an in-your-face assassin adept at getting the kill and then getting out. She should focus on assassinating weak targets and locking down the most lethal enemy. She is extremely fast at clearing jungle camps, making her an ideal jungler. Confident players will even invade the enemy-side jungle for fun and profit.


Ringo is often played as the primary damage dealer for his team. He can shoot at blinding speeds and finish off fleeing enemies with an epic fireball that follows foes across the battlefield. Incredibly weak in the early game, Ringo players should focus on earning as much gold as possible in the lane before picking big fights.


Skaarf is a cute little flamethrower who thrives at dealing long-range and area-of-effect damage, especially during teamfights. However, his abilities are aimed, meaning you’ll need quick reflexes and good prediction to land those fireballs. Skaarf is often in lane but can also be effectively played out of the jungle. Go burn your way to glory!


Joule is a hardened front-line fighter with built-in defensive plating. Joule’s abilities require proper aim to hit the target, but they have a devastating effect if you can aim properly.


The free hero rotation unlocks six heroes each week to play as long and as much as you want in the Casual queue. It’s an opportunity to test drive heroes before using ICE or Glory to unlock them.

The free rotation changes every Tuesday and heroes in the rotation usually won’t return for a few weeks or months afterward, so unlocking heroes is always worthwhile. The free rotation does not apply to Ranked play to ensure players are already very familiar with the heroes they play in that try-hard environment with skill tiers at stake.

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