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Update 3.0 Notes: Play Vainglory 5V5 on Sovereign’s Rise Now

Update 3.0 Notes: Play Vainglory 5V5 on Sovereign’s Rise Now

  • ReadyPlayer1
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  • Feb 07, 2018

It has finally arrived. Vainglory 5V5 is the last puzzle piece in the vision of what Vainglory was always meant to be — and we’re so excited to NOW put this category-defining experience in your hands. It’s a milestone four years in the making, and we’re so grateful you’ve taken this journey with us. See you on the Rise!  


If you don’t have time to read all the details below, here’s just a taste of what 5V5 delivers:


Step onto Sovereign’s Rise, a brand-new 3-lane map featuring two terrifying dragons: Blackclaw and Ghostwing, the Storm Queen’s prized pets. Capture them for game-altering effects.

Sovereign’s Rise also features true line-of-sight Fog of War, shrouding the map in mystery and danger. Understanding what you can see in Vainglory is much easier … and walking into what you can’t see is that much more harrowing.


Visit the Sovereign’s Rise interactive map to preview all its Points of Interest.


Beware: The enemy Vain crystal doesn’t take intruders lightly, firing Halcyon Missiles and stunning Rupture Cascades in its own defense. Combo your own hero’s abilities with the Vain crystal’s attack for unavoidably awesome damage. Take out enemy Armories to weaken their Vain’s defenses.


Shiny-new Teleport Boots beam you to allied locations anywhere on the map. Plus, Vainglory 5V5 introduces five new vision items and a new vision system centered around Scout Cams. Upgrade your cams for more vision and durability.


New jungle monsters grant orbs of power. If you’re carrying a weapon or crystal orb and are killed, the orb will drop on the ground and can be picked up by another hero!


In Vainglory 5V5, you don’t need to be the most mechanically skilled player to succeed. With 3 lanes, 10 heroes an expansive jungle, more objectives and completely free camera controls, there’s many more opportunities to outthink your opponents en route to victory. “Macro-strategies” such as split-pushing, wave manipulation and jungle rotations are powerful tools to victory — and if you want to soak up all that strategic knowledge, head to the Vainglory Academy in-game and check out some of the amazing Vainglory Community content creators making Vainglory 5V5 videos. We’ll feature community videos frequently in-game in the days and weeks ahead.


Many heroes move faster to cover vast territory, are more durable to survive 10-hero teamfights and ultimates like Celeste’s Solar Storm and Baron’s Ion Cannon have extended ranges to cover the full Sovereign’s Rise map. Fortress, for example, now has 5 wolves during Attack of the Pack, one for each enemy hero in 5V5.


Experience the smoothest Vainglory gameplay experience yet, running at 120 frames per second on supported devices and with unparalleled control accuracy and responsiveness.


Vainglory is excited to announce a brand-new 5V5 score by renowned video game composer Joris de Man. Best known for his music for the Killzone franchise and Horizon Zero Dawn, Joris was just won the 2017 Game Music Award for Outstanding Artist – Western Composer. Vainglory 5V5 features an adaptive music system that unveils the score based on how you play. The music during early game is different from the music during an epic dragon fight, and so on. We hope this incredible new score makes your Vainglory 5V5 experience that much more rich and immersive.


Join the Infernal Dragons (Team Reza) or the Lucky Aces (Team Gwen) during Vainglory’s 2018 Red Lantern Event. Every time you play, you’ll earn Lunar Fame for your side of the global Community battle. If your side wins, you’ll unlock an unowned skin!

The event begins Feb. 15. Get all the details here.

Legendary ‘Vox on Ice’ Leaps into Vainglory!


Play during the first-ever Vainglory 5V5 update — Update 3.0 — to automatically receive an exclusive ‘Founding 5V5’ Loading Screen badge in a future release. Don’t miss your chance to claim your piece of Vainglory history and show it off before each match! Play Vainglory 5V5 (this specific game mode) during 3.0!


In many ways, the release of Vainglory 5V5 is just the beginning. Ranked mode for Vainglory 5V5 is yet to come, along with an ambitious list of features and improvements for both 3v3 and 5V5 on the roadmap. Keep an eye on the new “Today in Vainglory” popup in-game for announcements and previews as we continue this 5V5 journey together with the Vainglory Community.


Update 3.0 (Sovereign’s Rise): Hero & Item Balance


Below you’ll find details on all the creatures, structures and powers found on Sovereign’s Rise. Spreadsheet and theorycraft to your heart’s content. …


“With more heroes on a team, we had to make a few additions to how much experience was granted when more than three heroes were sharing the pot. Keeping in line with Halcyon Fold, the hero to get the last hit will get the most out of the kill.” —Zekent

  • Players generate 0.6 experience per second starting at 0:45

Experience share is (Last-hitter/Other):

  • 1 player = 100%
  • 2 players = 85/75%
  • 3 players = 60/50/50%
  • 4 players = 46/38/38/38%
  • 5 players = 36/31/31/31/31%

If killed by a non-hero, experience is distributed evenly among all nearby heroes:

  • 100% if one hero
  • 160% if more than one

Experience needed to gain a level:

  • 90 + 8 for each additional level


“With the addition of two extra players per team in 5V5, each individual counts for less of the majority surrender vote. We’re interested to see if players prefer a faster, more lenient approach to surrendering, while also introducing a team-wide shared cooldown on calling a vote.” —s4v0r

  • Requires 4 (out of 5) votes
  • Votes can be started at 12:00 game time
  • The team shares a surrender vote cooldown (2 minutes)



“With river granting move speed from the middle toward the side lanes, there is a higher incentive to put more forces in the center of the map to more easily rotate and assist allies. —Zekent

  • Heroes moving with the current of the river are granted 1.2 move speed when not in combat
  • Not in combat is defined as not dealing or receiving damage within 4 seconds


“With two shops available out on the Rise, you don’t have to recall often to base. It also becomes possible to catch enemies unaware while they look for a few quick purchases.” —Zekent

  • River shops spawn at 5:00 and contain everything that the base shop contains


“Monsters in the jungle will now exhibit more consistent behavior and also regenerate small amounts of health if attacked from out of their range.” —Zekent

  • Jungle monsters will attempt to attack the nearest target to them
  • If no targets are found within their aggro radius, the jungle/boss monster will walk back toward its spawn location and heal for 2.5% (1.25% if a mythic monster) of its health per second
  • If the jungle/boss monster reaches its spawn location and idles, it will heal for 10% (5% if a mythic creature) of its health per second


“Monsters will periodically become stronger as the game progresses while capping out after awhile. Early game camps should feel fairly durable while being easily taken out come mid- to late-game.” —Zekent

These camps’ level will always be the current game time minute divided by two plus one rounded down. For example, if the game is at 4:05, all camps will be level (4 / 2) + 1 = 3. Camps cap out at level 12. (Yay, maths.)



“Extremely durable and one of the most important objectives on the Rise, vying over Blackclaw can be the cause of many teamfights. Gaining control over this mighty dragon can be what turns the tides of a match.” —Zekent

  • Spawn: 15:00 (Level 8)
  • Respawn: 180 seconds after Blackclaw (captured) dies
  • Health: 7600 + 520
  • Defense: 50 + 25
  • Damage: 100 + 20
  • Piercing: 15%



  • Each swipe hits enemies in a 120-degree radius, deals damage and applies a decaying slow  starting at 45% for 2.5 seconds
  • Applies Mortal Wounds for 3 seconds


  • 9 packets of damage
  • Minions: 50% of max health
  • Structures: 4% of max health + (14 + 1.5)
  • Other: 2% of max health + (14 + 1.5)


“Certainly a dragon to be feared, Blackclaw will storm down the middle lane and tear apart turrets with powerful flames and mighty claws. However, he does hand over a sizable bounty to the defending team, so be sure to push with him to gain an advantage during his rampage.” —Zekent

  • Health: 6500 + 1400
  • Defense: 35 + 15
  • Damage: 140 + 15
  • Piercing: 75%
  • Minion Defense: 800
  • Structure Defense: 0
  • Gold Bounty: 300 per player


  • Each swipe deals 140 + 15


“Arriving on to Sovereign’s Rise earlier than her dragon kin, Ghostwing is a source of early conflict. She grants a solid boost in gold alongside powerful defensive boosts that become increasingly important as the game progresses.” —Zekent

  • Spawn: 6:00 (Level 4)
  • Respawn: 180 seconds
  • Health: 5400 + 350
  • Defense: 50 + 25
  • Damage: 145 + 25
  • Piercing: 15%
  • Gold Bounty: 300 per player



  • Each swipe hits enemies in a 120-degree radius, deals damage and applies a decaying slow starting at 35% for 2.5 seconds
  • Applies Mortal Wounds for 3 seconds


  • 10 packets of damage
  • Each packet deals (7.25 – 21) + 1.5% of her target’s max health
  • Applies Mortal Wounds for 3 seconds


“While this buff is only triggered outside of combat, it allows teams to quickly heal up and prepare for combat once more. Engaging the opposing team while the barrier is active can lead to a significant advantage early on in a fight, while putting the enhanced health regeneration and energy recharge can be instrumental in helping a base siege continue.” —Zekent

  • Granted to the team of the killer
  • Lasts 90 seconds

After staying out of combat for 4 seconds, the bearer is granted:

  • 20 health regeneration
  • 10 energy recharge
  • Barrier that recharges over the course of 5 seconds
  • Barrier strength: 100 + 40 for every two minutes of game time that has elapsed



“The ideal camp for a weapon jungler to start on. Granting a powerful slow and increased weapon damage, this is the camp of choice for junglers looking to set up ganks or looking to duel others in the jungle.” —Zekent

  • Spawn: 0:55 (Level 1)
  • Respawn: 150 seconds
  • Health: 950 + 180
  • Defense: 65 + 3
  • Damage: 40 + 10
  • Gold Bounty: 100
  • Experience Bounty: 35


“Weapon-powered heroes wielding this buff will be more able to close the gap or keep their distance against their enemies. While extremely powerful on damage dealers, having more durable heroes take this buff can prove quite effective in locking down slippery foes.” —Zekent

Granted to the killer:

  • Lasts 90 seconds
  • Basic attacks on enemies will apply a decaying slow to them starting at 35% for 2 seconds
  • Weapon damage is increased by 15%
  • If the bearer of this orb is killed, the orb will drop on the ground and may be picked up by any other hero within the remaining duration of the buff (but with a floor of 20 seconds)


“One of the first two camps to spawn on Sovereign’s Rise, this camp is the perfect choice for crystal-powered junglers to start on as it increases both sustain and crystal damage upon capture.” —Zekent

  • Spawn: 0:55 (Level 1)
  • Respawn: 150 seconds
  • Health: 950 + 180
  • Defense: 65 + 3
  • Damage: 40 + 10
  • Gold Bounty: 100
  • Experience Bounty: 35


“This orb is especially effective on crystal bruisers or long-range mages who are able to heal up damage that they may take in an exchange.” —Zekent

Granted to the killer:

  • Lasts 90 seconds
  • Crystal damage is increased by 20%
  • Crystal damage now lifesteals for 10% of the damage dealt
  • If the bearer of this orb is killed, the orb will drop on the ground and may be picked up by any other hero within the remaining duration of the buff (but with a floor of 20 seconds)



“You don’t see the toad? It’s there. I swear!” —PlayoffBeard

“In terms of gold, this is the most valuable camp, but also the most well protected. If you manage to sneak into your enemies’ jungle and take it for yourself, it is a serious boon in gold. On your side, always try to share the ambient gold granted by this camp with an ally to maximize gold earnings.” —Zekent

  • Spawn: 1:05 (Level 1)
  • Respawn: 120 seconds
  • Health: 950 + 200
  • Defense: 65 + 3
  • Damage: 40 + 10
  • Gold Bounty: 160
  • Experience Bounty: 35


“This jungle camp is close to the side lanes and available to both the jungler and laners alike. Finding an opportunity to pick these off will help heroes sustain if they find themselves low on health or energy.” —Zekent

  • Spawn: 1:05 (Level 1)
  • Respawn: 90 seconds


Health: 600 + 120
Defense: 55 + 2
Damage: 36 + 9
Gold Bounty: 35
Experience Bounty: 18



  • Casts a ground-targeted AoE which roots enemies caught in it for 2.5 seconds
  • The root ends immediately if the Healing Treant is killed


“A quick kill of the Healing Treant can help sustain when you most need it. However, managing to take one of these away from your opponents may leave them at low health and unprepared for battle.” —Zekent

Granted to the killer. Restores the following amounts over 12 seconds:

  • Health: Level 1-12 = 475 – 650
  • Energy: Level 1-12 = 112.5 – 225


Health: 350 + 75
Defense: 55 + 2
Damage: 18 + 7
Gold Bounty: 20
Experience Bounty: 13


“Granting a sizable amount of experience and gold, these two jungle bears are no slouches. Taking them down consistently or stealing away a pair from your opponents can grant you a solid advantage.” —Zekent


  • Spawn: 1:05
  • Respawn: 90 seconds
  • Health: 475 + 90
  • Defense: 55 + 2
  • Damage: 27 + 8
  • Gold Bounty: 55
  • Experience Bounty: 18



“Just making sure that no one is skipping over structures. Be sure to take things down in order.” —Zekent

Structures must be taken down in the following order in each lane:

  • Outer Turret
  • Halfway Turret
  • Base Turret
  • Armory
  • Vain Crystal (Only one Armory needs to be down.)




“Enjoy a huge burst of move speed coming off of the sanctuary for the first time!
Having heroes quickly rush out to look for early advantages is now more dynamic than it has ever been in Vainglory.” —Zekent

  • Allied heroes are granted 4.0 decaying move speed for 20 seconds


“Minimizing the amount of time spent healing while still being able to quickly make it back onto the battlefield ensures that most of your time is spent in battle, not walking around.” —Zekent

  • Allied heroes are granted 2.5 decaying move speed for 5.0 seconds


  • Allied heroes regenerate 12.5% of their maximum health and energy every second (same as Halcyon Fold)


  • Allied heroes may shop at base (same as Halcyon Fold)


“The Vain crystal fights back! Experience a new-and-improved final objective with more power and impact than ever before. Be careful when pushing into the enemy base without being prepared for its assault. Along with fight-altering damage, the crowd control it provides is something to watch out for.” —Zekent


  • Health: 13500
  • Defense: 0
  • Minion Defense: 0


“Particularly effective at picking off single heroes, Halcyon Missiles grant an opportunity to catch a slowed enemy off guard or in a poor position.” —Zekent

  • Vain crystal fires shots equal to the number of Armories remaining that each deal 25 + 10% of the target’s max health and slow by 60% for 1.2 seconds
  • Deals 25% damage to Blackclaw (captured)
  • Deals 1000% damage to minions
  • Removed when all armories are downed


“With the power to completely change the course of a fight, defending alongside this ability can allow a team pressured into their base to mount a heroic comeback. While fairly simple to dodge on its own, when paired with a number of abilities flying out from heroes, this is a powerful tool that is not to be ignored.” —Zekent

  • Vain crystal creates a line of explosions that deal 100 + 10% of the target’s max
  • health and stuns for 1.2 seconds
  • Deals 50% damage to Blackclaw (captured)
  • Always available regardless of number of Armories remaining


“Taking down additional armories will make it dramatically easier to knock down the Vain crystal.” —Zekent

The Vain crystal takes reduced damage for each allied Armory that remains:

  • 3 remaining: 100%
  • 2 remaining: 50%
  • 1 remaining: 25%
  • 0 remaining: 0%



  • Health: 3000
  • Defense: 190
  • Minion Defense: 200


“As an armory does not regenerate health, this barrier is to ensure that heroes with global ranged abilities are not able to take it down without being somewhat close to the action.” —Zekent

  • Disabled by lane minions (17.5m), Blackclaw (17.5m) and heroes (17.5m)
  • If it has been more than 3 seconds since the barrier has been disabled, it will regenerate 100 barrier every 0.5 seconds up to 800 barrier



“With the middle lane being more valuable in terms of map control, we made sure that the turrets in that lane were more durable than the ones in two side lanes. That being said, taking an early mid turret can be a very powerful start of your team’s offensive maneuvers.” —Zekent

  • Side-lane turrets are level 3/5/7
  • Mid-lane turrets are level 4/6/8


  • Health: 3000
  • Damage: 160
  • Piercing: 15%
  • Defense: 35 + 30
  • Minion Defense: 100 + 20
  • Gold Bounty: 150 Per Player


Blackclaw (Captured):

  • Deals 1% of max health as structure damage


  • Applies one stack of damage amp (max 6 stacks)
  • Deals (160 + current hero level * 8 + 7.5% of max health) * (1 + 45% * damage amp stacks) as structure damage. Got that?!


  • Deals 160 as structure damage
  • Reduces armor and shield of minions to 0


“Boom! Be sure to stand clear of these explosions as they can do significant damage!” —Zekent


Deals 10% + 3% * [12 – Blackclaw’s Level] of Blackclaw’s max health as true damage


  • Deals 25% of current health as true damage


  • Deals 25% of current health as as structure damage


“Turrets are a bit tougher to take down earlier on in matches, though a well coordinated push can still knock one down before the extra resilience wears off. This allows more opportunities for heroes to roam around the map without fearing for their turrets.” —Zekent

  • Has 50% reduction to incoming damage for the first 6 minutes of the game


“Similar to turrets on the Halcyon Fold, this barrier prevents a very particular, very unorthodox strategy from being employed.” —Zekent

  • Disabled by lane minions (9m) and blackclaw (17m)
  • If it has been more than 3 seconds since the barrier has been disabled, it will regenerate 100 barrier every 0.5 seconds up to 800 barrier


“These allies have increased importance on Sovereign’s Rise. With proper control of minion waves, you can create opportunities, apply pressure or create perfecdt cycles of waves that maximize your last-hitting potential.” —Zekent

  • A wave of minions spawns every 30 seconds with an initial spawn time of 0:45
  • Minions all start at level 2 and start leveling up at 4:00 and gain 0.5 levels per minute (rounded down)
  • Minions cap out at level 12
  • Each wave spawns with two melee minions, one range minion, one siege minion, with a captain minion replacing the siege minion in every fourth wave.


“Along with being worth a substantial gold bounty, taking down the opposing captain minion can help your minion wave create some serious pressure on your enemies. Be sure to utilize their aura and time your pushes into opposing structures alongside these allies.” —Zekent

  • Health: 418
  • Defense: 25 + 65
  • Move speed: 3.7 + 0.7
  • Minion defense: 45
  • Structure defense: -35 + 58
  • Damage: 32 + 15
  • Minion damage: 40
  • Structure damage: 58 + 2
  • Gold bounty: 75
  • Experience bounty: 12


“As long as nearby allied minions see that flag around them, their morale is raised and they become significantly more durable.”  —Zekent

  • Allied minions within a 12m radius take 50% less damage from structures and 20% less damage from enemy minions


Health: 320
Defense: 25 + 30
Move speed: 3.7 + 0.7
Minion defense: 45
Structure defense: -100 + 35
Damage: 13 + 3
Minion damage: 12
Structure damage: 32 + 3
Gold bounty: 30
Experience bounty: 6


Health: 280
Defense: 25 + 20
Move speed: 3.7 + 0.7
Minion defense: -35
Structure defense: -100 + 30
Damage: 10 + 4
Minion damage: 30
Structure damage: 58 + 2
Gold bounty: 25
Experience bounty: 6


Health: 418
Defense: 25 + 65
Move speed: 3.7 + 0.7
Minion defense: 45
Structure defense: -35 + 58
Damage: 32 + 15
Minion damage: 40
Structure damage: 58 + 2
Gold bounty: 50
Experience bounty: 12


“Here’s a fun one! If minions are able to push up to the Vain crystal and force opposing minions to immediately turn their attention without passing by an Armory, they will have a fairly significant advantage in durability against their minion counterparts.” —Zekent

  • Allied minions which pass by an armory are granted 35 bonus minion defense


“Minions in the lane of a destroyed enemy armory will constantly be pushing toward the opposing side of the map. However, be careful as this does allow your opponents to have easier access to farming up those minions.” —Zekent

Destroying an enemy armory will grant allied minions in the respective lane the following:

  • 30% increased damage to structures
  • 30% increased damage to enemy minions
  • 20% damage reduction against enemy heroes


“A new map calls for new items that not only allow for healthy gameplay, but also provide more interesting choices and tradeoffs. We’re moving toward a future where vision is a team effort, while still allowing players who want to focus on map and vision strategy to do so.” —Sonata


“Teleport Boots let you give up your combat sprint to gain a global presence. With a well-timed teleport onto a friendly minion, Scout Cam or structure, you can catch enemies off guard or force them to overcommit into a bad situation.” —Sonata

  • Total cost: 1600
  • Builds out of Travel Boots (800 to upgrade)


    • +150 max health
  • +15 shield
  • +15 armor
  • +0.5 move speed (boots passive; does not stack)
  • Has travel boots passive
  • Starts channeling teleport upon activation
  • Can teleport to friendly non-hero units
  • Grants targeted friendly non-hero unit a 600 barrier while channeling
  • Teleport takes 2.5s to finish channeling
  • Gain a burst of speed upon arrival
  • 180s cooldown



“With a bigger and more mysterious map because of Fog of War, players needed persistent options for vision that weren’t easily destructible. Scout Cams bring the vision game to everyone and makes the vision game one about resource management and calculated risks, without the gold tax.” —Sonata

  • All players start out with this vision item in a new “bumper button” next to hero abilities
  • Cannot be purchased or sold
  • Scout Cams grant vision and true vision (sees stealth, including enemy Scout cams) in an area
  • Scout Cams last 150s
  • Scout Cams take 5 hits to kill; health correlates with duration
  • Scout Cams have 2 max charges
  • Scout Cams recover 1 charge every 150s
  • These will not be targeted by the Vain crystal or turrets


“The ScoutPak is a good option for players who want to drop more Scout Cams. Use these charges to help your teammates light up more areas of the map, preventing your enemies from executing their strategies as easily. —Sonata

  • Total cost: 500
  • Builds out of Hourglass (250 to upgrade)


  • +20% cooldown speed
  • +2.5 energy recharge
  • Scout Cams have 3 max charges
  • Scout Cams recover 1 charge every 120s


“ScoutTuff is a great buy for players who want to invest into a particular area. Tougher and longer-lasting Scout Cams mean more value for every one you drop. The Flares are a great added bonus for objective control.” —Sonata

  • Total cost: 500
  • Builds out of Flare Loader (200 to upgrade)


  • +250 max health
  • Scout Cams last 180s
  • Scout Cams take 6 hits to kill; health correlates with duration

SuperScout 2000

“The premier item for maximum vision control, the SuperScout 2000 gives you everything you need to become a master tactician. Opt into a match of wits and force your opponents to wander into unknown territory.” —Sonata

  • Total cost: 2000
  • Builds out of ScoutPak and ScoutTuff (1000 to upgrade)


  • +500 max health
  • +25% cooldown speed
  • +5 energy recharge
  • Scout Cams last 210s
  • Scout Cams take 8 hits to kill; health correlates with duration
  • Scout Cams have 5 max charges
  • Scout Cams recover 1 charge every 90s
  • Does not stack with any other vision upgrade items; takes highest value


“The Flare Loader is a quick pickup for those who want to immediately deal with heroes with combat stealth. Alternatively, you can also use this to safely check areas without vision from afar.” —Sonata

  • Total cost: 300
  • +150 max health
  • Fires a flare upon activation
  • Flares last 3s
  • Flares grant vision and true sight (sees stealth) in the area
  • Flares have 3 max charges
  • Flares recover 1 charge every 75s

We hope Vainglory 5V5 is the most fun you’ve ever had on a mobile device … and we’re only just getting started. More heroes, features and system improvements are on the way in the months ahead. Now, go make your mark on the Rise.