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Coming Soon! The Special Edition ‘Bakuto’ Phinn!

Coming Soon! The Special Edition ‘Bakuto’ Phinn!

  • Vainglory
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  • Sep 07, 2017

A creature from the sea destroyed Taizen Gate – just when the new gambling boss thought he had it made. Now you can play the Special Edition ‘Bakuto’ Phinn and lay waste to the Halcyon Fold!



  • Nuclear reptilian monster from the sea!
  • Glowing blue serrated spikes
  • Sharp horns
  • Golden hook and chain
  • Crimson leg armor and rope belt
  • Susie is now a frightened little moth!


  • Charges up and creates an atomic pulse during Polite Company
  • Gathers up energy & roars with atomic breath for Quibble
  • Brand new sound effects
  • Aggressive new animations adapted to his new monster model!
  • Bats at and eats poor Susie during withdrawal



The Path of the Monster

Read Part I: The Gambler

At the back of a bustling tea room, a hostess in a pink kimono giggled as she chose a card from a fanned-out deck in the gambling boss’ hand. “Put it back, but don’t let me see it,” he demanded, leaning in close.

In the front, dice rattled in cups, cards shuffled and coins changed hands. The blind Grangor stood at the sliding paper door that separated the front room from the back, his arms crossed. Serene hostesses in matching pink kimonos glided through the tea house. “Irasshaimase,” they called, guiding patrons to their reserved gambling tables.

The Grangor sniffed. “Something isn’t right,” he muttered.

“Is this your card?” murmured the gambler to the woman as he flicked a card out of the deck.

“No,” said the woman, her eyes wide and disappointed.

“Something is coming.” The Grangor aimed one ear out the window toward the bay. The floor trembled, then settled. Somewhere outside, glass broke. A terrified moth flew in the window and hid in the Grangor’s fur.

“Relax. We’re in the rowdiest neighborhood in Taizen Gate. Glass tends to break here,” said the gambler. He set down the deck, drifted his fingertips behind the woman’s ear, and produced a card from her hair. “Is this your card?”

And then the building fell apart around them.


On a pile of rubble still crackling with atomic energy, the gambler sat glugging from his flask. The blind Grangor sniffed the air, his ears twitching, the fur on his back standing up.

“What was that?” demanded the Grangor.

The Gambler smacked his lips. “A monster.”

“I could hear that much. And smell.”

“Some kind of reptile. It had horns and glowing blue spikes. And it breathed… something blue and sparking.”

“That isn’t natural.”

“Nothing from Boiling Bay is natural.”

In the city behind them, the monster stomped its way through Taizen Gate. Below them, the Churn fog roiled along Boiling Bay, enveloping the sparking, crumbled old amusement park rides. The tea houses where the gambler had set up his operations were nothing but paper and burnt bamboo. Poker cards fluttered through the air and burnt dice scattered where he’d planted the now-charred Churn orchids and cherry trees. The monster’s roar echoed over the distance as his golden hook caught and dragged down airships. The city was alight with atomic pulses and sparks.

“Well then,” said the Grangor, “let’s go.”

“Back to our worthless back room poker games in the Undersprawl, then,” sighed the gambler, capping his flask with his teeth.

“I didn’t team up with you, come all the way here, establish my good name and then ruin it all humiliating Second Boss just to go back to the Undersprawl.” The Grangor gave his hindquarters a good scratch and began making his careful way down the ruins of the tea house.

“That thing is flattening Taizen Gate right now, old friend. You need to know when to give up.”

“He isn’t a thing,” called the Grangor. “He’s a weapon. I’m going to find out who he works for.”

“What will you do?” asked the mystified gambler. “Ask him for the name of his employer?”

“First, I’m going to find out what he isn’t destroying. Then I’m going to get a monster head for my trophy room.”

The gambler rubbed his temples with thumb and forefinger, then followed the Grangor into the path of the monster.

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